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ATTENTION: Due to an update to Deltarune that I was not aware of, this mod is currently out-of-date. That said, you can still download and patch the sprites into the game manually if you really want to.

--<This is a mod for Deltarune Chapters 1 and 2, which, in case you haven't heard, are available for free, and you should totally play them!>--

Believe it or not, Ralsei is a huge fan of guns. Not the act of using them, mind you. Rather, he's fascinated with the aesthetic and the mechanics behind them. However, knowing that the Dark World has become a dangerous place, he has reluctantly chosen to carry one for self defence purposes. Don't worry, it's actually just a toy gun that Toriel confiscated from one of the kids, threw into the school supply closet, and then forgot about. At least, I think it's a toy...

This mod changes Ralsei's battlestart, idle, attack, and (the first two frames of) victory animations so that it looks like he's wielding a gun. The animations aim to be natural and lively, while retaining Ralsei's optimistic and friendly demeanor. Otherwise, this mod has no effect on gameplay.

[As you can see, the victory animations are largely unchanged. This is partly because I didn't want to mess with Ralsei's adorable clap, and I was starting to get lazy at this point.]


I wish I could say that I could say I drew/edited the animations myself, but that's only about 90% true - The gun used in these animations was taken from tailochara1's mod on Gamebanana.  I simply tried to polish and improve the animations.

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Install instructions

This zip file includes a pre-modded data.win file, and individual sprites. If you just want Ralsei with a gun, simply replace the original data.win in Deltarune's install directory with the modded one.  

Unfortunately, the above method will not work, as the data.win file included in the download is for an older version of Deltarune. If you still want to give Ralsei a gun, and are willing to do a little extra effort, your only option at the moment is to manually patch the sprites into the game using UndertaleModTool. Each folder of sprites is named after the animation that they replace (note that animations used in chapter 1 are denoted with the obvious suffix, "(chapter1)"). 

In either case, I recommend that, before you do any of the above, you first make a backup the original data.win file, and either rename it to something like "dataVanilla.win," or by move it to another folder. This way, you'll be able to switch back to the original game in the unlikely event that something goes horribly wrong.


Ralsei_has_a_gun_but_otherwise_everything_is_normal.zip 53 MB


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hello?i...i think we can make friend!


help its not launching

what did i do wrong i replaced data.win

Huh. Just tested it, it straight up doesn't work. I think the game might have been updated. The difference in versions between the launcher and the game data could be preventing the game from launching.

I'm sorry to say that I don't feel particularly inclined to update the mod right now  (maybe ask again after Chapter 3 is released). That said, if you REALLY want to play the game with Ralsei holding a gun, you could try manually patching the sprites into the game.

什么!!!不能玩游戏!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!

DeepLを使って日本語に翻訳しているので、表現がずれているようでしたら申し訳ありません ( >_< )

I'm using DeepL to translate into Japanese, so I apologize if my wording seems off. ( >_< )

「不能玩游戏」というのは、どういうことなのか、よくわからないのですが。data.winファイル単体で実行しようとすると、うまくいきません。 Deltaruneのインストールフォルダへ移動し、data.winを配置してください(元のdata.winファイルを置き換えます)。これが完了したら、通常通りDeltaruneを起動するだけです。

I'm not sure what you mean when you say that you're "unable to play". If you're trying to run the data.win file by itself, it won't work. You need to go to Deltarune's install folder, and place data.win there (replacing the original data.win file). Once that's done, just launch Deltarune as you normally would. 


It's very simple, but in unlikely event that something goes wrong, I recommend that you first backup the original data.win file by renaming it to something like "dataoriginal.win".


Also, I should probably make sure you know that this mod only works for the Windows version of Deltarune. If you're playing on Mac, the mod won't work.


I hope this helps! 

I’m a Chinese  I can't says English very well

I did what you said, but it still didn't work!!!

Ah, my mistake.

I recently learned that the mod is outdated, so replacing the data.win file will no longer work. You will have to patch the game manually.

I am very sorry.

Deleted 139 days ago