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You are Zoey the cat, and you need to get past this gate. However, it is guarded by a strange little creature called a Zoog. Zoogs absolutely hate cats, and this one is no exception.

Can you persuade him to set aside his hatred long enough for him to let you pass? If not, you could always just... you know... eat him. Like, that shouldn't be hard - he's half your size at best.

This game was created for the 5th Extra Credits Game Jam. The theme was "Passage".

CONTROLS: Left and right arrow keys to move. Escape to quit. You can also click on things.

This game contains mentions of violence and an instance of gore. View discretion is advised.


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A cat, a zoog, and a gatev1.1.zip 26 MB
A cat, a zoog, and a gate v1.1 Linux.zip 27 MB
A cat, a zoog, and a gate v1.1 Mac.zip 27 MB


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Interesting game. I love the color pallete you chose and unlike I first thought it didnt hurt my eyes after playing it for a bit.

It reminded me of old Text based RPGs and this also gave me a visual novel vibe. I do wish there was a bit more to the game besides clicking like when I clicked walk away I couldnt get the game to end nor could I walk off the cliff. 

Since a lot of text doesnt change skipping text is a bit of a pain and I accidentally ate the guard more times than I wouldve liked lol. Maybe add a delay so we dont click wrong.


I really enjoyed the writing, it was fun exploring all the different paths. I felt really bad when I tried eating the Zoog just to see what would happen, I don't think I was expecting it to be that violent, despite the warning. I would love to see this sort of experience explored in more detail or with longer potential paths.


Why cant zoog's and cat's live in peace?! love the artwork, you have a great talent,the characters where adorable and the script was very funny :D I hope to see more of this