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Cool game.

This game was really interesting! Very simple, short but was very enjoyable. I also like the aesthetic of the game. The combat loop was easy to understand but I feel that the exploration was the main part of the game. It was very fun going through the maze to get the item. I actually am not sure if I finished the game extra fast like a speedrun or it is actually the extent of the game. A feedback I would like to give is that you should try add music to your game. The lack of music made this game feel quite empty and dull. The music doesn't need to be long or orchestral, it just needs to be catchy and can be looped. I hope you take my feedback into consideration! Hope you continue making more games!


I'm glad you liked the game! And don't worry, you didn't accidentally speedrun it, that is more or less the entire game. I wanted to add more features (I agree, some music would've definitely been a nice touch), but due to the limitations of Octo and Chip-8, I needed to cram the game's code (excluding map data, sprites and sfx) into less than 4 kilobytes, otherwise it wouldn't work. Unfortunately, I didn't consider music to be all that integral to gameplay, so I chose to cut it.


this was simple, but i was very entertained throughout the playthrough. personally i found the audio rather unpleasant, but as someone who's never played a proper DOS game, it seems to fit the aesthetic. i had fun! love the color scheme and the silly little story.

The audio is based on Ultima IV's DOS version, which, as you can guess, is very primative (clicks whenever you take a step, horrific screams whenever someone gets hit, etc.). I personally find it charming, but I can understand that it wouldn't appeal to everyone.

That aside, I'm glad you liked the game! :)


This is really cool!